Web Development

Web Development  with WordPress and HTML5. E-Commerce Development with Woocomerce.


English-Spanish web and documents translations. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this works?

Web site development it’s divided into three stages.
The first one is the design, for which I will need you to complete a form that I will use to create it. Follow by the content part, for which I will need you to provide the text, images, videos, etc that you want your page to have. And finally, the optimization in which I’ll check your web for any problem that may have.

How long it's going to take?

Website Development could take up to a month. But the total amount of time will depend on how long I have to wait for feedback. I can’t finish the job if you don’t let me know what you think.

How is the payment?

I use Paypal for payments. The project budget will be divided into every one of the development stages. I’ll start working with the first stage payment and will finish with the last stage payment. I will not proceed with the next stage without the required payment.

Can I ask for a refund ?

No, I do not make any kind of refund. As you are paying for every development stage in advance you will be able to cancel the job at any given time. In that case, every password and/or file needed will be given to you so you can ask someone else to finish the web (or you can finish it yourself).

are the translates mandatory?

No, off course not. English-Spanish translation is only one service I offer and, as such, you can choose not to hire it. Your page will be a single language one.

Where can I see your work?

In this same page, there is a portfolio you can check out. Also, you can follow me on Facebook and go through the jobs I have done on Freelancer.

If you still have questions